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Please note you must be a competent parallel skier to register in the U12 Skills camps – sorry no snow plows.
All campers must also wear a proper helmet that is approved for ski racing – a hard shell of the helmet must cover the ears. Please see the AOA Equipment guide here>

The U10/U12 Technical Skills camps will provide additional training for young athletes to improve their freeskiing and technical skills. They will meet new friends that share a similar passion for skiing. At this level, it is imperative that athletes spend a lot of time on snow to accumulate the mileage they need to develop basic skills. They will then be able to build on these strong skills and focus on more specific disciplines at later ages.

All camps will focus on:

  • Technical freeskiing skills
  • Turn shape, rhythm, linking, flow
  • Developing fluidity and movement related to turn shape and radius
  • Fore/aft/ lateral balance
  • Video
  • Having fun and nurturing a passion for skiing
  • Learning a proper warm-up and cool down for a training day

Slalom camp will focus on:

  • Footwork and agility drills
  • Decision training in drill environments
  • Drills in stubby, panels, brushes
  • Developing or refining a proper pole plant
  • Versatility in bumps, varying terrain

GS Camp will focus on:

  • Understanding line
  • Pressure Control
  • Edging
  • Paneled GS drill courses

Tentative Schedule:

  **Be careful of public skiers and HAVE FUN!
12:00-12:30 LUNCH [Bring your Own]
12:30-3:00 GATE ENVIRONMENTS: GATES AND BRUSHES FOR LINE (focus is on the development of confidence and skill) U12 ONLY FULL GATE (U12 will be advised if pole guards/shin guards required)
3:00 PICK UP

Sign in for all camps will be at 8:30 am – you will receive location details via email from the SOD office.

To register for a U10/U12 Skills Camp you must log in to your profile and add the camp to your profile.  Login by clicking on the REGISTER button on the front page of the AOA website.

All Camps have a 1-week prior deadline and a late fee of $25.00 if you are able to register after the deadline (ie if not sold out).  $25 cancellation fee applies at any time.  No refunds for no-shows or day of cancellations.

While the camps will all focus on developing a strong technical base through free skiing and drills, each camp will have a specific theme (GS/ Slalom/ Speed) that will determine the drill and skill environments.