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AOA represents four divisions and 37 member clubs. Please find a complete listing of the AOA member ski clubs below.

Southern Ontario Division Clubs (SOD)

SOD represents 25 ski clubs in the area from Belleville to London to Peterborough with the majority of skiers in the Collingwood area. Ski racing greats from SOD include some of Canada’s great legends including Brian Stemmle(Georgian Peaks), Karen Stemmle (Georgian Peaks), Todd Brooker(Toronto Ski Club), Liisa Savijarvi (Georgian Peaks), Laurie Graham(Osler Bluff) and Steve Podborski (Craigleith). SOD has placed the following athletes on the CAST including Kelly VanderBeek (Chicopee), Larisa Yurkiw (Georgian Peaks), Tyler Nella (Georgian Peaks), Erin Mielzynski(Georgian Peaks), Meg and Kate Ryley (Craigleith), Scott Barrett (Osler Bluff), Nic Zoricic (Craigleith), Kelby Halbert (Toronto Ski Club), Madison Irwin (Craigleith) Phil Brown (Craigleith) and Morgan Megarry (Craigleith).

SOD racers make up over 85% of the Provincial Sport Organization of Alpine Ontario Alpin and as such offer its membership programs at the U12, U14, U16 & U19/21 level for both the SOD CUP and OCUP racing streams.

  1. Alpine Ski Club
  2. Batawa Racing Club
  3. Beaver Valley Ski Club
  4. Brimacombe Ski Club
  5. Caledon Ski Club
  6. Catalyst Racing Club
  7. Chicopee Ski Club
  8. Craigleith Ski Club
  9. Devil’s Glen Country Club
  10. Fenninger Racing
  11. Georgian Peaks Ski Club
  12. Glacier Ski Club
  13. Heights Skiing and Country Club
  14. Hockley Valley
  15. Huronia Alpine Development Team (HADT)
  16. Jozo Weider Racing Club
  17. London Ski Club
  18. Mansfield Ski Club
  19. Milton Heights Racing Club
  20. Muskoka Ski Club
  21. National Ski Academy
  22. North York Alpine Race Club
  23. Osler Bluff Ski Club
  24. Snow Valley Ski Club
  25. Toronto Ski Club

Northern Ontario Division Clubs (NOD)

Ski racing greats from NOD include Kathy Kreiner (Timmins) who won GOLD at the 1976 Olympics in Innsbruck and Kate Pace (North Bay) who won six World Cup medals and three Canadian downhill championships. Others from NOD who skied at the National level include John Mealey, Jeff Armstrong, Gord Acton, Michel Pratte and Angela Gougeon.

Representing Alpine Ontario in northern Ontario the Northern Ontario Division Alpine (NOD) coordinates with the following six NOD ski clubs. Visit NOD on their website here

  1. Adanac Ski Club
  2. Elliot Lake Ski Racers
  3. Elite Alpine Ski Cross
  4. North Bay Racing Club
  5. Searchmont Ski Runners
  6. Timmins Ski Racers

National Capital Division Clubs (NCD)

The National Capital area is steep in alpine ski racing history with several names racing on the World Cup such as Anne Heggveit (Squaw Valley 1960 Olympic GOLD in Slalom), Betsy Clifford (won World Cup Slalom title in 1971), Pat Biggs (CAST member, Camp Fortune Ski Club) and Dustin Cook (NCO Ski Team) on the CAST speed team.  The following ski clubs in NCD are located in the Ottawa Valley and Outaouais region. Visit the NCD website at

  1. Calabogie Peaks
  2. Camp Fortune Ski Club
  3. National Capital Outaouais Ski Team

Lake Superior Division Alpin Clubs (LSDA)

LSDA works with Alpine Ontario to provide leadership, guided direction and the encouragement of individuals to participate in alpine skiing from the grassroots to the elite level. Representing Alpine Ontario in Thunder Bay area the Lake Superior Division Alpine (LSDA) co-ordinates this mandate by working with the following four LSDA ski clubs. Visit LSDA on their website at

  1. Norwesters Alpine Ski Club (Loch Lomond)
  2. Port Arthur Ski Club
  3. Thunder Bay Franco Alpine Ski Team (TBFAST)