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Please send all Race Document packets to [email protected] for FIS/National point races.

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Race Documents

Send all Race Document packets to [email protected] for FIS/National point races.

NOTE: File formats

The links below provide zip files for all the various multiple files and formats (word doc, word docx, pdf, excel or csv). Please use the doc, docx, excel, csv files to allow for data entry. Use the pdf for printing out blank forms to fill out by hand.

Zip Files

What is inside each zip file?

Race Documents FIS & National Point Races

  1. Race Document Information 2018 – 2019
  2. Race Notice
  3. Medical Plan TEMPLATE
  4. Entry Form
  5. Athletes Declaration
  6. Team Captains Meeting Checklist / Minutes
  7. Team Captains Meeting Checklist / Minutes (Short)
  8. Team Captains Meeting Attendance
  9. Team Captains Meeting Minutes
  10. Program
  11. Minutes of Jury Decision without Protest
  12. Referee Report
  13. Penalty Calculation
  15. TD Report (NOTES)
  16. Protest
  17. Minutes of Jury Decision with Protest
  18. Injury Report
  19. TD Accident Report
  20. CSA Incident Report

Race Worksheets

  1. Admin Add Pull
  2. Admin Finances Receipts
  3. Admin Sign In
  4. Gate Judge Card
  5. Race Document SAMPLE
  6. Timing EET
  7. Timing Order
  8. Timing Record

Race Labels (for Draw Cards)

  1. Label 5163 L TEMPLATE
  2. Label 5163 M TEMPLATE
  3. Label Data SAMPLE

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