The Women’s NorAm Cup in Ontario was a thrilling event filled with sunshine and top-tier racing. Ontario was well represented with both experienced athletes plus many younger athletes who competed and gained great race experience. Starting the series at Devils Glen over the two days of the weekend, the atmosphere was electric with enthusiastic kids showing up in numbers to support all of the racers. Thanks to the many NorAm ski community sponsors that supported this event, plus @mackenzieinvest, @skiisandbiikes, @karbonsports, @fasken and @normerica.homes, there was plenty of swag and hot chocolate to keep everyone warm and energized. See FULL SL RESULTS HERE

The excitement of the Women’s NorAm Cup continued as the event transitioned to Georgian Peaks for the Giant Slalom races on Monday and Tuesday. The fantastic weather and track persisted on Monday, providing ideal conditions for the athletes to tackle the challenging GS course. The women brought their A-game, delivering thrilling performances as they navigated the slopes with skill and determination.

However, Mother Nature had different plans for Tuesday. Despite the initial optimism, lightning and showers struck, ultimately leading to the cancellation of Tuesday’s events after just one run. While the abrupt end was disappointing, the safety of the athletes always takes precedence, and it served as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of outdoor sports events in ON! Nevertheless, the resilience and talent displayed by all of the competitors throughout the weekend continued to inspire all those in attendance.
The competition is fierce, with female athletes showcasing their high-performance racing skills at the NorAm level. Despite the intense rivalry on the slopes, there was an undeniable sense of camaraderie and enjoyment among all participants. It was a weekend where both competition and fun went hand in hand, creating lasting memories for everyone.  See FULL GS RESULTS HERE