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Welcome to AOA Racing! The fun starts at U8 and continues on well into your adult years as a Masters Racer. Many Ontario skiers enjoy the sport for life and can be seen flying down the slopes in their 70s & 80s! Others might discover a lifelong passion of volunteerism as an Official, or become a Coach after they stop racing.  Whatever your path you can find ski racing information for all ages and levels of competition below including details on Competition – Training – Health & Fitness – Coaching – Character Development – Parents and Equipment.


“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

AOA programs are committed to providing safe and fair races. Remember that training and preparation are the keys to a successful and rewarding competition. As an example, an athlete who competes in 16 to 24 races per year, should have 4 days of skiing or training for every race. Effort vs outcome should also be the focus. It’s all about the journey to the start line!

AOA Schedule
LTAD Training & Competition Matrix


“Great Skiers make great racers”

Ski Racing is a dynamic and exciting sport with ever changing courses, terrain, and conditions. On snow training for all ages and levels must include a mix of gate training, skills and drills, and technical free skiing. Free skiing for fun with family and friends is also a critical part of any racer’s development. Go Skiing!

LTAD Training & Competition Matrix
U10, 12, 14 Skills Camps
AOA Skills & Drills Program


“There is no shortcut. It takes time to create a better, stronger version of yourself.”

Learning to run, jump and building balance, coordination and agility at a young age when the body is most adaptable and ready to “learn” is critical to safe enjoyable sport. General fitness, skill, correct and safe movement patterns and a multi sport background are all critical for alpine ski racers to avoid injury and maximize enjoyment.

Fitness Testing Protocol
Physical Literacy Guides


“Every athlete deserves a great coach”

Great coaches inspire kids to be better athletes and people. Every athlete deserves a great coach and with more skilled and experienced coaches out on our hills AOA hopes that more positive and impactful experiences will be made with our young racers which will propel them towards success.

Coaching Pathway & Courses


“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”

Sports develops character in young people for life! Ski Racing is in an ever changing mix of team and individual sport, in ever changing outdoor environments that develop mental, emotional, and social skills, and keeps kids outside with friends all day! All youth sports should address movement, sport, life and mental skills for optimal development and retention for lifelong wellness.

Sport For Life Documents


“It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up.”

Parent participation, education, development and progression through the sport of alpine ski racing is important to our athletes. Try to free ski often with your kids and encourage sport for life! Read AOA’s Parent Handbook including details on how you can best support your kids in sport. Parents can go one step further and complete the Respect in Sport Parents training course (fee $12)

AOA Parent Handbook
Respect in Sport for Parents


“The most important piece of equipment is your attitude.”

In addition to your mind set a proper fit of ski equipment is critical in the sport of alpine ski racing. In an equipment heavy sport such as alpine ski racing what is appropriate for each age group can be daunting.
Click below for resources in regard to equipment for all ages.

Equipment Chart
Boot Fitting Video – Sporting Life
Ski Tuning Video – Sporting Life