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This U16 High-Performance Program (HPP) is an initiative that started in 2016 with consultations with Alpine Canada Alpin (ACA), The Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport (MTCS) and the AOA member clubs. The program is collaborative in design, to work alongside club and regional programs and in no way replaces the existing club programs, their club/region camps and/or training days. Athletes in the U16 HPP remain with their existing teams and clubs.


  • To put the most committed and talented 2009 & 2010 athletes together
  • To increase an athlete’s time on snow
  • To raise their fitness level
  • To increase encouragement and motivation
  • To support AOA clubs with athlete development
  • To engage those looking for high-performance initiatives

Why would an athlete consider this program?

  • To work hard while having fun and meeting new friends
  • To train alongside the other top athletes in the province
  • Technical skill development on-snow
  • To learn from some of the most experienced coaches, trainers and therapists in Canada
  • Access to summer school credit to take the pressure of school in the winter season


The 2024 U16 HPP will consist of:

  • Two on-snow camps – August in El Colorado, Chile and October in Saas Fee, Switzerland. Camps will be run with approximately 15 athletes per gender at each camp; camps will be operated with approximately 6 to 1 athlete to coach ratio and 10 to 12 days on snow. Athletes can apply to attend one or both camps.
  • A webinar series including talks from athletes, coaches, as well as sport psychologists and nutritionists from the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario.
  • Civics & Careers Online Summer School.


Cost of the U16 HPP will be:

  • $6500 + HST*  for El Colorado Chile
  • $5750 + HST* for Saas Fee Switzerland
  • Flights and SAIP will be a cost on top of this.*All costs are subject to change.


Camps will be run with approximately 15 athletes per gender at each camp. In the event that camps reach capacity, the previous season’s OCUP results will be considered*.

*Coaches discretion will also be applied; all supporting documents must be submitted.


  • APRIL 11: U16 HPP registration opens
  • April 21: Applications close for U16 HPP
  • April 26: Selection for U16 HPP communicated to athletes and families
  • MAY 3: Confirmation of participation and deposit due to Alpine Ontario
  • AUGUST 16 – 31: U16 High Performance Camp – El Colorado, Chile*
  • OCTOBER 4 – 18: U16 High Performance Camp – Saas Fee, Switzerland*

*All in person camps are subject to change and travel dates may vary.


In order to take full advantage of the program, it is recommended that athletes be able to hit the minimums below.

Women: Beep Test-9, Box Jump-50 40cm box, Toes to Bar-3, Hex Railx3 both ways in under 39 sec.

Men: Beep Test-9.5, Box Jump-55 40 cm box, Toes to Bar-3, Hex Railx3 both ways in under 35.7 sec.


If you are looking for additional programming options to take your ski racing to the next level we encourage you to take advantage of multiple offerings from our fitness partners.

Active Life Conditioning – Collingwood

SXS Fitness – Toronto

2024 U16 High Performance Program Application

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Thinking specifically about the next 3 years outline goals you have at U16 and transferring into FIS? Think about these goals both in terms of ski performance and your fitness.

Please confirm which of the two U16HPP camp(s) you are looking to attend. You may select one camp, or both(Required)
Please note the locations are subject to change but the dates for on-snow will not change more than a few days in either direction

Coach Reference

Please provide the name and email address for a coach you will use as a reference for joining the U16 HPP
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Are you interested in registering for the Grade 10 Academic Civics & Careers Summer School?(Required)
For first year U16 athletes and graduating U14s (Grades 9 & 10 in September).

“The AOA U16 HPP was a game-changer for our daughter. She connected with the coaches who identified, explained and provided solutions in such a way that both engaged her and made her understand what she needed to do, and why it needed to be done that way. Ultimately the ski camp made it clear that at this stage of her skiing career, we need to ensure that she is receiving the highest calibre coaching to help her reach her full potential in this sport.” — Parent.