The U10/12 Racing Program caters to racers aged 8 and 9 in the U10 program and ages 10 and 11 in the U12 program. Please note not all AOA clubs off a racing option at the U10 level, in which case children should enroll in the ski school or simply ski with their families.The U12 Entry Level program is aimed at providing athletes with the ‘FUNdamentals’ of skiing as defined in the Alpine Canada Alpin (ACA) Long Term Skier Development (LTSD) Stages of Development. In coordination with the ACA SnowStars program focusing on skill levels 3, 4 and 5, the AOA program is intended to foster the development of the athlete. U12 competitive events are to be focused on the development of ski racing skills while continuing to promote the development of overall skiing skills. Normal competition days will pair a traditional “RACE” event, (i.e. SL/GS/Kombi) with a skills festival. These additions should foster the development of overall skills while maintaining participant enjoyment, focusing on the FUN of competition.


Athletes must be 10-11 years of age as of December 31st of the current season to be eligible for the U12 racing program. U12 Athletes will not be nationally carded in Ontario.


All U12 athletes must be registered through the AOA online registration system (login to create a profile) which includes a waiver, to compete in any events or camps.


• AOA strongly recommends that all athletes train and race at a development ratio of 8:1.
• Starts should be limited to no more than 6 domestic starts including Festivals and Invitational Races.
• Races will be regionalized to reduce travel time for athletes.
• 60 inch, kinder/children’s gates or stubbies will be used.
• Additional AOA sanctioned invitational events may be added – the host club is to administer these races in accordance with AOA Invitational Application and Policy.
• All race events will be set in accordance to ACA/AOA sanctioned course setting rules.


Current course setting guidelines for U12 can be found here.


• Events will run gender separated (i.e. boys/girls) ideally with first and second run being held on a different set with, at a minimum, a redress required between runs.
• First run start order will be determined by a separate, random draw of girls and boys
• Second run start list will be a reversal of the 1st run start order (i.e. 100-1)
• All athletes will have two (2) runs
• e.g. Run 1 Girls (random), Boys (random)
• e.g. Run 2 Girls (reverse incl. DSQ DNF DNS), Run 2 Boys (reverse incl. DSQ DNF DNS)


• Results will be based on official race format FIS ICR 617.3.2
• 1st – 3rd male and female athletes will receive medals on podium
• 4th – 5th male and female athletes will be recognize

• All athletes and coaches are expected to attend award ceremonies. Top 5 are required to attend in accordance with FIS ICR reference 205.4; clubs will be sanctioned $25 per infraction for any Top 5 athletes, not in attendance.


• All athletes must comply with the ACA National Rules and Policies.
• Please see the AOA Equipment Guidelines here.
• No Go Pro mounts and other modifications permitted
• Athletes are permitted to wear speed suits
• 1-2 pair of skis are recommended