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Alpine Ontario Alpin (AOA) is committed to doing its part to ensure the very best protection for our athletes. As of July 2018, AOA implemented three changes to its policies including:

  1. Respect in Sport Training for all AOA Staff and Coaches
  2. Background Screening with Sterling BackCheck in partnership with Alpine Canada Alpin (ACA)
  3. Revised Bullying, Harassment and Abuse Policy as directed by the Respect Group

In addition, AOA promotes the Canadian Sport Hotline.


Along with ACA, AOA will be embarking on a training platform widely utilized by the sport community in Canada and endorsed by the Coaching Association of Canada, called Respect in Sport.

Respect in Sport has trained over 1 million Canadians. The Respect in Sport on-line training platform provides coaches, officials and sport leaders with a 2.5-hour prevention and education program, addressing the issues of bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination. This interactive on-line training will provide AOA coaches with valuable information which will assist them in their coaching role while helping to ensure the safety of the athletes in our care.

AOA will be requiring all coaches employed by AOA; including the Ontario Ski Team coaches, SOD Ski Team coaches and all age group Consultants (U14, U16, U19) to complete the Respect in Sport online certification.  In addition to this core group of coaches, any support staff, or coaches participating in AOA trips or projects (U16 Nationals, CanAms, Whistler Cup, etc.) will also be required to complete this training in addition to their current requirements.

Lastly, AOA is strongly urging all member clubs to consider having their coaches, and anyone who has child athletes in their care, to complete the Respect in Sport online certification training.  If your Club would like to learn more about the program and access pre-registration codes on behalf of their coaches please contact Mark Allen at Respect in Sport mallen@respectinsport.com  or by calling 705-300-2120.

To learn more about this training please access the link here



Alpine Canada (ACA) has partnered with Sterling BackCheck to provide a police background check service. ACA would like ALL active coaches to use this service, only background checks obtained through this service will be accepted. The cost for this service is offered at a discounted rate of $25.00 (plus taxes).    Please note further information on accepted ACA background checks will follow in September.  Currently (as of July 2018) Sterling is the only one accepted in order to become fully licenced.

Members can access Sterling BackCheck via the following link https://www.sterlingtalentsolutions.ca/landing-pages/c/cac_ace/

To get started, please select Alpine Canada Alpin, then your respective Provincial or Territorial organization. Please ensure you have your ACA-CSC Coach Education ID number (formerly CSCF ID number) accessible as you will require it for registration purposes.



AOA revised its Abuse, Harassment and Bullying policies under the guidance of Respect in Sport and Hockey Canada. AOA strongly encourages its member clubs to ensure they review their own policies on an annual basis. Members can find all AOA policies in the RESOURCES section of the AOA website here> http://alpineontario.ca/documents