The U19/21 age group provides the most diversity for an athlete to compete in any racing series in Ontario, on a pay as play basis (for example an athlete registers for  Provincial Registration and opts to do a few Ontario FIS races and a few National Points races, they can go back and forth between the two streams as they wish), or on a more competitive team should they wish to compete Nationally and Internationally. The following visuals outline possible opportunities.


      The U19/U21 program is aimed at providing athletes with programming based on the ACA LTSD Learn to Race phase and progressing to the Train to Race and Train to Win phases of the ACA LTSD. At this level, athlete performance becomes a strong focus of the competitions; while the development of strong skiing skills remains a crucial element of the program. Athletes may ski SL, GS, Speed (DH and Super G) and Ski Cross either in competition or at skills camps dependent on registration.


      Athletes entering U19-21 may not know what stream they wish to pursue or where. The best person to help an athlete with this decision skiers’ skiers immediate coach and/or the club Head Coach. Athletes should be seeking realistic input to determine the best path for academic and athletic success. Athletes can chose between a club program or a regional FIS Team. Many FIS teams have selection criteria – please check your coaches. The Ontario Development Ski Team and the Ontario Ski Team are also selection based.

      CLUB U19-21 PROGRAMS

      Many AOA clubs offer competitive race programs for this age group that take in to account the athletes wish to pursue person goals such as; skiing skills, racing performance, learning about coaching, exposure and/or improvement in speed races, lowering National or FIS points, etc.  These program would expose athletes to regional FIS races, which could potentially serve as a stepping stone to the SOD (Southern Ontario Division) Ski Team and possibly the Ontario Ski Team.

      Learn more about FIS Fees here>


      Each AOA division has its own FIS team including the well established National Capital Ouatouais (NCO) Team based in Ottawa and the emerging and growing Southern Ontario Ski Team (SODT) based in Collingwood. LSDA & NOD both strive to have FIS programs that often travel throughout Ontario and Canada competing. Please learn more about these teams here.

      Collingwood is also home to the National Ski Academy. 


      The Alpine Ontario Development Ski Team is a selection based program led by Alpine Ontario to support and progress athletes on the high performance pathway towards the Ontario Ski Team.

      • – Objectives: Provide High Performance Programming and Experiences that give athletes the skills and qualities they require for and spark their dreams to realize their full athletic and personal potential
      • ODST will feature best male and female U18 athletes, offer best-in-class coaches and robust programming offers a blend of high-volume, on-snow programming, holistic development, and dynamic academic support in collaboration with the Simcoe Muskoka District School Board
      • New approach has been endorsed by the Coaches Association of Ontario (CAO); providing financial support over a three-year period
      • The U19/U21 Racing Program caters to racers ages 16+ as of December 31st of the current season.  Please also see the U19HPP webpage for those athletes selected to this program.

      Selection Criteria can be found here


      The OST is a main property of AOA and very rarely accepts atheletes to its program directly from the U16 program. Learn more about the team and view its criteria here.


      All U19/21 athletes must be registered through the AOA online registration system and have a signed waiver prior to a camp or competition.  A medical evaluation is required to be signed by a doctor along with a FIS declaration.  These documents once complete

      A national U19/U21 FIS Card includes Class 3 SAIP Insurance which is required if you are interested in participating in FIS events within Canada.

      An International U19/U21 FIS Card includes Class 2 SAIP Insurance which is required if you are interested in participating in FIS events outside of Canada.  There are some restrictions for racers participating in international FIS programs abroad.  Please review the FIS Fees page below for more details.

      Learn more about FIS Fees here>