A Partnership to Enhance Ontario Ski Racing Experience at the Grassroots Level

Alpine Ontario Alpin (AOA) is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Normerica Timber Homes. As a proud partner and official design and home builder to AOA, Normerica brings not only architectural skill and artistry but also a dedication to growing community spirit through investing in the outdoor active lifestyle community through support of enjoyable, safe, and inclusive environments. Together we plan to foster a love for the sport through sharing insights and knowledge to promote positive experiences in the ski racing community at the grassroots level.

“I am excited about this new partnership with Normerica Timber Homes,” says Patrick Biggs, executive director of AOA. “This collaboration reflects our shared commitment to nurture a deep love for the sport through key communication touchpoints. We both believe that reinvesting in community and education will help foster supportive and positive environments where ski racing can thrive in our province.”

Structuring for success in 2024 and beyond

AOA and Normerica are thrilled to announce the launch of an ‘infosight’ video series targeted at preparing young families for the world of ski racing. Hosted by a diverse array of coaches, parents, and industry experts, this educational series aims to support

both parents and athletes on their journey, covering essential topics to prepare them for the season and beyond. Stay tuned!

“As a proud Canadian company, Normerica has deep ties to the Ontario ski community. Since 1979, we’ve designed and built many ski chalets and clubhouses for Ontario ski country,” remarks Chris McFarlane, president of Normerica Timber Homes. “The partnership with AOA is a natural fit with Normerica’s commitment to embracing nature and celebrating an active outdoor lifestyle. We create spaces that not only draw inspiration from our beautiful Ontario landscape but encourage families to connect with the outdoors. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to an encouraging and affirming atmosphere that is the ski racing community in Ontario, and to help cultivate a new generation of active outdoor enthusiasts!”

About Normerica Timber Homes:

Normerica invites you to fall in love with craftmanship. Since 1979, we have designed, manufactured, shipped, and assembled thousands of custom timber frame structures, including many stunning homes where families gather, grow, and thrive. Whether you want a stylish new cottage, a cozy ski chalet, an elegant estate home, or a glorious commercial building using mass timber construction, we will help you realize an outcome you truly love. How? Unlike no other custom timber home company, Normerica offers it all: timeless designs, meticulous craftsmanship, excellent service, outstanding structural performance, reliable building partners, and, above all, the flexibility to customize your home or commercial building to suit your unique taste and needs. Normerica customers across Ontario, Canada, and the world rely on us to help them realize a more sustainable and stylish future—and you can too!

About AOA:

Alpine Ontario Alpin (AOA) is the Provincial Sports Organization recognized by Alpine Canada Alpin (ACA), Canadian Snowsports Association, Ontario Winter Games, Canada Winter Games, and the Ontario Government. Made up of a dynamic and passionate team of professionals, AOA is responsible for bringing the joy of ski racing to athletes, families, coaches, and clubs – from start gates and podium finishes to careers and community. And we’re on a mission to empower a safe, inclusive, and integrated alpine sport ecosystem, for everyone. Racer, ready.