Dear AOA Community members,

Alpine Ontario is making a triumphant return to KARBON, the esteemed snow apparel brand. With great pride, KARBON announces its renewed commitment as the dedicated partner for all of Alpine Ontario’s race apparel, rekindling a partnership with deep roots in the Ontario racing community.

Our collective history
The bond between KARBON and Alpine Ontario goes beyond mere sponsorship. Peter Schure, VP of Karbon Sports affirms “We are incredibly proud and honored to continue our partnership with Alpine Ontario. Our commitment to supporting the growth and development of amateur sport and ski racing is the cornerstone of our DNA. We take immense pride in helping the athletes on their journey and stand alongside Alpine Ontario in nurturing the sport we are so passionate about.”

These organizations, now under the stewardship of passionate former high-performance racers, have nurtured their growth and ardently supported the development of racers and the overall expansion of racing in Ontario. “We are thrilled to embark on a new chapter of collaboration, fueled by excitement, shared vision, and a commitment to pushing boundaries,” says Patrick Biggs, AOA Executive Director. This unique perspective infuses their collaboration with a genuine understanding of the specific needs and aspirations of the racing community.

(Photo: Michael Morin)

The story between KARBON and Alpine Ontario began decades ago when our shared vision for elevating amateur sports and empowering athletes to achieve excellence took flight. This renewed partnership is a testament to their unwavering commitment to supporting aspiring athletes, enhancing their performance, and placing them firmly in the spotlight on the performance racing stage.

National and worldwide support of amateur sports.
Over the last decades, KARBON has continued to expand its reach in supporting athletes across Canada and the globe. With over 500+ World Cup podiums on the shoulders of their supported teams and athletes, Ontario joins British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, and others in donning the KARBON uniforms in 2023 and beyond.

Indeed, the reunion of KARBON and Alpine Ontario is a partnership and a celebration of the spirit of racing, camaraderie, and unwavering determination. Together, they are poised to empower a new generation of racers to push their limits, break barriers, and create indelible snow-covered tracks.

What’s up next
Over the next several years, KARBON will be supporting our skiers and coaches with team uniforms, gear, and initiatives and helping to elevate the Ontario Ski Team, Ontario Development Ski Team, and Ontario Para Alpine Ski Team to new heights with performance race wear.

The KARBON support extends beyond and into the Club level where they continue to supply first-class service and technical wear for team and staff uniforms.

Keep skiing, training, and smiling, and let’s make this the best season! 🙌

Patrick Biggs and the entire AOA Team
We’re on a mission to create a safe, inclusive, and thriving alpine sports community. Your support and enthusiasm make it all possible! 🌟