Kris Baird

Formerly the Chairperson’s Award, the Builder Award is for extraordinary contributions of one or more individuals to the sport of Ontario Ski Racing and is intended to recognize one or more individual’s lifetime contributions to Ontario Ski Racing.

The selection committee determines this award based on:

  1. Person(s) who made an extraordinary contribution to the sport of ski racing in Ontario.
  2. Person(s) who had an unwavering commitment to the sport in the form of a partner (corporate), motivator, program developer, visionary and builder in any facet of the sport.
  3. Made things happen –they may have secured a specific event, created a new ski club, promoted the growth of Ski Cross, secured funding for the sport, expanded the reach of ski racing and more!

Victoria Fenninger is head of Fenninger Racing at Sir Sam’s. Victoria is an indispensable presence in the Ontario Ski Cross community, and her knowledge, interest, and support of ski cross extends beyond her club and racers alone.

She has coached her athletes to considerable success this year. Victoria also hosted a ski cross coaching module and supported many coaches in their learning of ski cross with her extensive knowledge and supportive approach. She also organized an athlete training camp to support and encourage athletes to develop their skills and abilities in ski cross, and also manage to squeeze in a giant slalom and slalom race into the same weekend! When at other ski cross events, Victoria’s help and support were immediately felt by athletes and staff beyond her own club. At a Beaver Valley training and race event in February, Victoria’s knowledge and support helped my own athletes as well as me as their coach, not to mention athletes and coaches from other clubs, as well as the event organizers. And just recently, she was instrumental in delivering an outstanding ski cross coaching and athlete training camp at Craigleith on the World Cup cross track.

Victoria’s knowledge of protocols, appreciation of safety, and enthusiasm for this discipline all helped to make this an outstanding experience for coaches and athletes alike. In the world of Ontario ski racing – in ski cross and beyond – Victoria’s contributions, commitment, support and promotion of the growth of ski cross and alpine skiing in general extend well beyond her own club, to the benefit of many programs.