Written by AOA Executive Director Scott Barrett. 

Before we get to an update on the whereabouts of the Pizza Pizza RV I’d like to acknowledge the 5 year anniversary of Nik Zoricic’s fatal crash during a World Cup ski cross in Grindelwald Switzerland.

I was fortunate enough to grow up ski racing with Nik and subsequently got to know Bebe, Silvia and Kat. With today’s Jr. Challenge being sold out with over 200 kids (many in their jeans as Nik used to wear) I hope the family can take some comfort in knowing that his legacy lives on. Nik was a big figure in all our lives. His big heart and passion for this sport was hard to match. Unfortunately I will have to miss Saturday’s After-party at Craigleith but shall raise a glass to my old friend from the RV at the side of a ski hill, which is something I know Nik would have loved.

Well the Pizza Pizza RV survived its journey north with Devyn and Marc at the helm and made it safely to Searchmont. Our mobile home has been given prime real-estate! (see photo below) close to the finish line at the bottom of the Slalom piste. Sunny skies greeted the women today for the opening Super G but the me had to navigate their way down through snow which proved to be a nonissue for the eventual winner…

Before I head north myself I’ve enjoyed the action at my home club, Osler Bluff , at the 2nd of 6 straight FIS OCUP races that will hit Devil’s Glen this weekend before concluding at Georgian Peaks on Monday and Tuesday. What a great race it was with an international field that included athletes from Boston College, St Lawrence, Green Mountain Valley School, Great Britain, Japan and of course our own provincial squads all in attendance with the National Ski Academy, National Captital Outaouis Team, Ontario Ski Team and the Southern Ontario Division Team all competing hard.

Tomorrow is Day 3 of our road trip and we’re excited to announce it’s also our ALUMNI spotlight with a feature interview with Real Brothers, legends and members of the Searchmont Ski Runners Club – our hosts while in the Soo.