Equip your Coaches with LIFE-SAVING tools this season🎿 by purchasing them with a Stop the Bleed Kit.

In the world of skiing emergencies, Dr. Chisholm MD FRCPC – Stop the Bleeding – NZ Foundation – Ski Race Parent – highlights a crucial point. When it comes to arterial bleeding on the hill, it takes just 3-4 minutes to bleed out with a femoral artery laceration, and bleeding is even faster for little ones. The average ambulance response time? Around 15 minutes. So, why not ensure the kit is on-site and in the hands of your coach and could save a life. All Proceeds go towards Nik Zoricic Foundation and AOA Alpine Development. Sale PRICE $50 PURCHASE A KIT

We are proud partners with the Nik Zoricic Foundation to improve the safety of our training and racing environments.