Gwen Binsfield

The Builder Award is given for extraordinary contributions of one or more individuals to the sport of Ontario Ski Racing and is intended to recognize one or more individuals’ lifetime contributions to Ontario Ski Racing.

Gwen is a key partner to AOA and plays a critical role in engaging, recruiting, and providing access to new Para athletes across the province. She’s an advocate for Ontario athletes and has a massive legacy in the sport.

Gwen’s contributions include:

  • Para Coach for more than 3 decades. Ontario Track 3 and Canadian Adaptive Snowsports are organizations that were formed by a group of volunteers dedicated to providing people of all abilities the opportunity to experience the joys of skiing. Since 2008, Gwen has been involved in recruiting, instructing and coaching the Provincial para alpine team.
  • Gwen has contributed to 19 years with Para Alpine Ontario and 25 coaching and volunteering with the Ontario Track3 Ski Association for the Disabled – an organization formed by a group of volunteers dedicated to providing young people of all abilities, the opportunity to experience the joys of skiing.
  • Within Ontario, Gwen is a pioneer for encouraging people with physical disabilities to strive for the top, always emphasizing to live every day to its fullest. She saw athletes with potential and chose to “get aggressive and build a pathway for them to the Paralympics.”
  • For her, the goal is not always reaching the podium or the world showcase for athletes with disabilities. She’s dedicated to helping people of all ages reach their personal goals and dreams, and that may very well be to get them out of a wheelchair and to adaptive skiing – giving individuals a way of enjoying adventure – that’s a gold medal.

Congratulations Gwen!