Kris Baird

The Event of the Year is awarded to a ski club or race organizing committee which demonstrated an exceptional commitment to Ontario ski racing, through one or more ski racing events that support the local, Provincial, National and even International community. The selection committee determines this award based on:

  1. The event showcased collaboration between various partners
  2. The event demonstrated professionalism from its officiating, to its timeliness to its safety
  3. The event was engaging, community-oriented and inclusive.
  4. The athletes had a positive and “fun” experience

The World Cup Ski Cross Finals, National and Nor-am Ski Cross Championships, Ski Cross Skills Camp and Coach Education were hosted at Craigleith Ski Club over a two-week period. This event required significant planning and collaboration between Alpine Canada, FIS, Alpine Ontario, and Craigleith Ski Club. Working together with several partners including Mackenzie, Sporting Life, the Town of Collingwood, and the Town of Blue Mountains; this event brought together both the local community and the larger ski racing community across Canada! There were over 170 volunteers involved, with approximately 70 of them being officials between the fences putting together “The best World Cup Ski Cross Event of the season” stated head of FIS Ski Cross, Klaus Waldner.

Not only did this draw the world’s best athletes, but it also delivered memories for thousands of ski racing fans, including many young racers who came out to cheer on Team Canada! Following the event, Craigleith in collaboration with AOA and ACA hosted an extremely successful ski cross coaching module to over 40 coaches and a one-day ski cross skills camp to over 130 athletes from across SOD. For many of these athletes they had the best day of the season and AOA Coach Education Lead Jacques Reid, stated “This was the most successful skills camp of the season!” This was such a unique experience for kids to be in the same start gates where they watched the National team race from and being able to ski parts of the same course.  The smiles on the kids that day demonstrated the fun and excitement they had.


  • The event was a collaboration between FIS, Alpine Canada, AOA and Craigleith Ski Club
  • The conditions went from full sun, to rain to snow and included 70+ km winds across the 5 days of training, qualifications and races
  • 11 countries had tables participating 
  • This was the SX World Cup Final races
  • Brady Leman (Canada) won the last race
  • Canada was awarded the SX World Cup Team globe for best season results 
  • Reece Howden (Canada) was awarded the World Cup Crystal Globe at the event–Top male points for the season
  • The local community watched the races free of charge 
  • The 150+ Craigleith and other club volunteers worked well to get the event going and run well
  • CBC Sports televised the event that showcased Georgian Bay Area and Craigleith to an international and domestic tv audience.
  • There was no other event held  this year that comes close in terms of profile, international team participation and spectator attendance (~1,500)