J-Craft is known for creating exceptional watercrafts used for water skiing, wakeboarding, barefooting – you name it! For decades these boats have been part of the culture and tradition of sport on Ontario waterways. With their exceptional quality, drive and precision,  J-Craft is the best of the best when it comes to navigating the water and creating the right conditions for that ultimate wake.  The iconic brand is making a resurgence in the area thanks to Chris Holmes and his small but mighty team. We sat down with the folks of J-Craft to get a glimpse into their studio and why supporting the ski community is important.

The parallels of being on the water or being on snow when it comes to skiing are limitless. Both sports have a need for speed, endurance, and skill. It takes the right conditions on the field of play to have a successful run and the essential and intricate design elements of a J-Craft boat enables the skier to have the best on-ski or barefoot experience for recreational or competitive use on the water. The handmade quality and engineering of their crafts allows a fast speed, plus an easy to maneuver machine that creates a softer, smoother wake so that people of all ages and athletic levels can get out and enjoy the waves.

“It’s about getting outdoors with friends and family and enjoying what nature has to offer. In the winters we’re out on the snow, in the summer we can’t wait to get out on the water,” says Chris Holmes, President of J-Craft. “Just like you need the right skis and equipment to be out on the slopes, you need the right boat to make the right wake for those skiing on the water. That’s where J-Craft really comes in and shines.”

Not only does J-Craft specialize in motorized boats, but J-Craft is also a builder of custom canoes, produced in “limited builds” in accordance with a client’s specific requirements, great for wilderness adventures or casual cottage jaunts, their vessels are top notch. There might even be electric-powered boats on the horizon, so stay tuned.

With the end of ski season just around the corner, many of us are starting to think about our time off the hill and our time on the water at the cottage or beach. Many ski racers hang up their speed suits and trade them in for swimsuits and head out onto the lakes and rivers for some fun. Don’t be surprised if you see a few J’s out there this summer.  J-Craft shows their support for the ski community while they’re on the snow all season and they look forward to seeing you out on the water soon!

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