2024/25 FIS Fees:

Included items at point of purchase of your FIS card
FIS Card $100
ACA National Competition Card $139.75
AOA Membership U18 and older $151.69
optional: second FIS card (eg. SX) $100
Required Sport Accident Insurance (*Pricing estimated, more detail below)
SAIP class 3 $84.24* (for competition in Canada only)
SAIP class 2 $448.20* (for competition Internationally, up to 30days out of country)
SAIP class 1 $1,031.40* (for competition Internationally, more than 30 days out of country and max 120)
​**those participating in programs outside of Canada please read below​***

Immediate Activation add $290.00 – for returning FIS athletes who require their FIS points immediately activated on the current points list – list publication dates can be found at the following link – http://data.fis-ski.com/alpine-skiing/fis-points-lists.html 

A late fee of $145.00 will be applied after December 25 and FIS cards cancelled before October 15th will be subject to a $90.00 cancellation fee.

Medical Evaluation and FIS Declaration
To complete registration the ACA Medical Evaluation Form must be filled out and signed by a doctor along with completing The FIS Athlete Declaration.  Please find all the FIS document in our Resources section here>  Both documents are to be filled out and uploaded on the athletes SnowReg page and the time of registration. Anyone experiencing difficulty with the upload can email to admin@alpineontario.ca,  or mail to AOA, 39A Stewart Road, Collingwood, Ontario L9Y 4M7.
Sport Accident Insurance Requirements for FIS
Sport Accident Insurance is a requirement by FIS for entry into FIS competitions.  Alpine Canada offers sport accident insurance to Canadian athletes through SAIP. You will be required to purchase SAIP coverage at the point of FIS registration.
All Canadian racers MUST have a minimum of SAIP class 3 for racing in Canadian FIS races (no exceptions!). 
All Canadian racers MUST have a minimum of SAIP class 2 for racing in International FIS races (no exceptions!)
SAIP class 2, and SAIP class 1 are available for racers competing Internationally.  SAIP class 2 and class 1 provide coverage for FIS races abroad, while also providing coverage for athletes in Canadian ski racing programs during sanctioned training abroad.  Note that coverage is only valid for within the time window from departure of Canada as described in the class of coverage (Class 2 – up to 30 days, Class 1 – up to 120 days).  Coverage is for consecutive days out of the country, return to Canada will reset the consecutive days traveled.
More detailed information around SAIP coverage can be found here.
​***Athletes Participating in FIS Programs outside of Canada
SAIP class 2 and class 1 coverage does NOT cover training activities for athletes participating in international programs abroad.  SAIP class 2 and class 1 coverage does provide coverage for FIS races abroad (provided the event falls within the window of time described in the policy from departure of Canada).  For the 2024/25 season, athletes participating in FIS programs outside of Canada MUST purchase SAIP class 1 and class 2 coverage and can NOT opt out of it as had been the case in last year.
​*** Alpine Canada International FIS Athlete Service Fee

Alpine Canada Alpine has introduced a fee for athletes who are participating in an international program outside of Canada and electing to start in FIS competitions.

Examples of programs that Canadian athletes participate in outside of Canada include (but are not limited to):
• USA Academies (Burke Mtn, GMVS etc.),
• USA Universities and Colleges (Dartmouth, UVM, Plymouth etc.)
• USA Clubs (Steamboat, Vail, Aspen, Palisades / Tahoe etc.)
• International club or academy programs (ISRA, LIT, Orsatus, Apex2100 etc.)
In order to provide the service required to support these athletes while residing and competing outside of Canada, an annual fee of $150.00 CAD is applicable.
More information about this announcement is available via ACA’s release on the fee linked HERE.

Athletes who fall into this category should select this registration option when prompted within AOAs Snowreg registration.


If you have questions regarding FIS registration, please email admin@alpineontario.ca