As another season starts here in Ontario, so does a new registration partner with AOA! 

Interpodia is AOA’s new on-line registration provider and we are pleased to launch the new system next week on the SnowReg platform after almost a year’s worth of work behind the scenes.  ACA has also aligned with Interpodia to transition the current Canadian Ski Coaches (ACA-CSC) database to SnowReg.  More on that partnership here.

Interpodia is recognized as Canada’s leading provider of sport administration technology. They act as a long-term strategic partner to hundreds of national and provincial sport organizations. Following a decade of success with their cycling-specific platform CCN, they launched a snow-sport specific platform SnowReg in 2019. SnowReg was built to focus on the needs and welfare of the snow-sport community. Since its launch, SnowReg, powered by Interpodia, has become the registration and membership technology platform to Freestyle Canada, Canada Snowboard, and now Alpine Canada. SnowReg provides modern and flexible systems for course registration, coach/officials membership management, and license administration and can unify events, clubs, PTSO’s and the NSO under one platform.

Interpodia’s solutions will allow for a streamlined registration process for our members, enhanced tools for club’s, including club fee collection and timely reporting as well as an officials database to track certifications and status.  Not to mention the future synergies with ACA and national data centralization with Alpine Points.

All current AOA members and clubs will receive an email next week inviting them to their new SnowReg account as the 2020-21 registration season begins July 1.  Please reach out to AOA and Interpodia/SnowReg with any questions when registering for the 2020-21 season.