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The Alpine Ontario Executive Director reports to a volunteer Board of Directors made of experienced professionals in a variety of fields. The Directors meet once a month as a group. Nominations to join the AOA Board of Directors are accepted once a year through the Alpine Ontario governance committee. A Director’s term is three years, however, they are eligible to be elected to serve a second term.

Thank you to the following AOA members for their time and dedication in leading the organization. Please contact AOA Member Services should you wish to reach any of the members of the Board at memberservices@alpineontario.ca

Linsey Ferguson, Chair

Brian Silveira, Vice Chair (from NCD)

Andrew Fortier, Treasurer

Peter Bier, Director (from SOD)

John Prosperi, Director (from NOD)

Dave Bradley, Director (from LSDA)

Doug Milne, Director

Stephanie Warner, Director

David Wasserman, Director