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Alpine Ontario Alpin (AOA) is a not-for-profit provincial sport organization responsible for compliance and regulations in alpine ski racing, para-alpine racing, and ski cross racing. Alpine Ontario Alpin (AOA) has over 30,000 members and 40 member ski clubs, which include athletes, parents, coaches, volunteers, officials, and corporate partners.

AOA headquarters are based i Collingwood with eight full-time office staff dedicated to operations, administration, communications, and athletic and technical development, as well as a staff of highly qualified coaches operating the Ontario Ski Team.  The organization as a whole is governed by an elected independent Board of Directors.

AOA raises money through sponsorship, government funding, donations, and membership fees. These monies are used to develop the following services:

  • AOA is the link to the National Sport Organization, Alpine Canada Alpin, for its clubs and members in Ontario.
  • Manages the governance structure for Ontario Ski Racing.
  • Organizes and sanctions the entire Ontario race series and provincial championships (more than 300 races per year) from the U8 level up to U19/FIS.
  • Hosting of hundreds of races across the four Ontario Divisions:  National Capital Division (NCD), Lake Superior Division (LSDA), Northern Ontario Division (NOD) and Southern Ontario Division (SOD) 
  • Provide, administrate and pay for General Liability Insurance for all our members and affiliated clubs through the Canadian Snowsports Association.
  • Provides, administrate and pay for Directors & Officers insurance to all our regional members and affiliated clubs. This is a free service to our members and clubs.
  • Manage the resolution of conflicts and other official complaints in accordance with AOA policies.
  • Apply for grants of all types on behalf of ski racing.
  • Create a safe environment through education, policies and as reflected on our website.
  • Provide communications within the Ontario ski racing community for sport branding and promotion including producing promotional videos for our sport, managing databases, a newsletter and several websites.
  • Coordinate fundraising events for our high-performance programs so that we can bring athletes to the National Ski Team.
  • Implement provincial fundraisers that bring over 100K$ into the Alpine Ontario Ski Racing structure.
  • Manage the Ontario Ski Team (OST) and under the AOA/SOD Partnership the SOD Ski Team (SODST).
  • Implement high-performance development programs to bring athletes all the way up to the national Ski Team including U16 HPP, U19 HPP and the OST.
  • Organise high-performance skills camps for all age groups (developmental and performance).
  • Provide high-performance staff that work closely with our regional programs.
  • Coordinate access to grants, bursaries and scholarships.
  • Coordinate out-of-province ONT delegations.
  • Event infrastructure and capacity development.
  • Manage, coordinate and deliver all levels of education for coaches and officials in ONT.
  • Work with Volunteers and the Officials Chair to provide training.
  • Manage Partner contracts and obligations to fulfil member benefits and discounts.
  • Organise annual educational events for coaches and officials in the spring & fall.
  • Represent ONT at various national meetings.
  • Provide tools and safety equipment for our race event organisers.
  • Provide financial and technical support to our race organisers.

Alpine Ontario Membership Benefits:

  • Athlete Development through program design, race series, and pathways.
  • Race Support through the Officials Program design, certification.
  • Communications via the website, social media, newsletters, and meetings.
  • Coaching and Education pathways, certification.
  • Officials Training.
  • Coordinating bursaries and grants.
  • Insurance programs to cover skier and sport insurance as a whole.
  • Member Benefits & Discounts including a discount card for Skiis & Biikes.


We strive for excellence, passion and inclusiveness amongst our athletes, coaches and volunteers.Vision Statement
Recognized as a world class organization and the provincial leader in Canada in alpine and para alpine skiing

Mission Statement
To provide leadership and structure for high quality, sustainable and affordable programming, and communicate the competitive, recreational and lifestyle benefits of ski racing to the community.

Core Values
Excellence, Passion, Competition, Fun, Safety, Sportsmanship & Fair Play, and Personal Development.


Please learn more about AOA by downloading the Annual Report and/or Strategic Plan.

2018-19 Annual Report

2017-18 AOA Annual Report

2016-17 AOA Annual Report

2015-16 AOA Annual Report

*The AOA year end is May 30th with audited financial statements added to the Annual Report after the fall Annual General Meeting.


AOA Strategic Plan 2023-2028