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The Quest for Gold program supports Ontario athletes striving to reach the international level of competition. Providing an annual investment of $9.76 million into high-performance amateur sport in Ontario, the province’s total investment in the program since 2006 is now over $120 million.

There are two specific funding streams within the Quest for Gold Program:

1. Direct Financial Assistance to Athletes

Direct financial assistance is provided to eligible Ontario athletes to offset living, training, and competition costs. Assistance is provided through two carding designations:

  • Ontario National Card – for Ontario athletes competing at the national level who are selected by Sport Canada. This card provides up to an additional 35 per cent in direct financial assistance over and above what an athlete is receiving from Sport Canada.

2. Enhanced Coaching and Training Opportunities

Quest for Gold provides additional funding to coaching programs in Ontario, in order to offer Ontario athletes access to high performance qualified coaches. Funding is targeted towards providing more high performance coaching hours for provincial and national level athletes and for coach development at the grassroots/talent identification level.

Funding is also provided for enhanced training, services, and competitive opportunities for athletes from the novice through to provincial/Canada Games level of competition. Quest for Gold funding is utilized to enhance the Ontario Games Program, strengthen Team Ontario’s performance at the Canada Games by providing additional training opportunities, and to provide enhanced sport science services to athletes competing on provincial teams.

  • In fiscal 2017-18, $3.4 million was allocated to the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario (CSIO) and the Coaches Association of Ontario (CAO)to enhance coaching, training, and competitive opportunities to athletes and their coaches.

Quest for Gold funding benefited 83 per cent of Olympic and 95 per cent of Paralympic athletes from Ontario who participated in the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. Quest for Gold will also provide support to many Ontario athletes who are training to represent Canada on the world stage, including the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

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AOA Final List of Ontario card nominations.

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