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The AOAC was formed in the spring of 2017 and replaces the single position of the former AOA Technical Director. The committee is designed to be more sport-inclusive with members representing the three pillars of AOA sport: Alpine, Para and Ski Cross along with the various age group of athletes (U14, 16, 19). All members are in good standing with both AOA and ACA coaching credentials. All minutes from the Athletic Committee meetings are posted in the AOA Resources section of the website under MEETINGS. 

Find the AOAC Terms of Reference here.



Robyn Skinner – AOA Competition Director 
Robyn has worked at AOA since 2010 and has over 15 years of sport-specific administrative experience in addition to a Bachelor of Commerce/Sports Administration degree from Laurentian University. She will represent AOA at all AOAC meetings and provide structure and administration to all tasks. Robyn works out of the AOA Collingwood office. Contact: [email protected]
705-444-5111 x128

Kip Harrington – AOA High-Performance Director
Kip returned to AOA in 2017 after eight years with the Canadian Alpine Ski Team and two years leading the British Ski Academy. He previously ran the Ontario Ski Team for AOA from 2000 to 2007. Kip will represent the OST at all AOAC meetings and serve as an overall guide to the group. Kip lives in Sault Ste. Marie.
Contact: [email protected]

Northern Ontario Division Representative
Jeremy Ramshaw

[email protected]

Lake Superior Division Representative
Geoff Hall

[email protected]

National Capital Division Representative
Shawn Banfield
[email protected]

Southern Ontario Division Representative
Mike Schneider

[email protected]

In the last 18 years, Mike has coached athletes from U12 to U19 and everything in between. He will draw on this experience and his skills as a coach developer and instructor trainer to represent SOD at all AOAC meetings. He is currently the lead U14 coach and coach mentor at Caledon Ski Club. Mike lives in Waterloo.


Gwen Binsfeld – Program Director/Head Coach Alpine Ontario Para Racing Team
Entry Level Para Trained Coach
As program director Gwen has focused on developing the provincial program to include more athletes at various levels, with an emphasis on fun and fitness for all. The provincial team has continued to grow, and provide athletes for our National team. Successful recruitment of new athletes and coaches has helped the team progress. Access to OST coaching has been a new addition to the program in the recent past and has helped raise the bar for training our athletes. The addition of a development team has been another great addition to the program that has been introduced by the program director. [email protected]