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Alpine Ontario encourages all its skiers to focus on fitness year-round to stay strong and injury-free during the winter months. Even skiers as young as 8 can benefit from spring and fall fitness testing to set goals and identify movement patterns. For those in the U14 and U16 OCUP program, each athlete must submit a dated (between Sept 1-Dec 31) fitness testing record to AOA by Dec 31, 2022, to [email protected]

Athletes who do not do this cannot participate in OCUP races, including the OCUP Finals.

This testing can be done with your Division, Ski Club, Gym and/or school. Please ask your coach where your team will be doing the testing.

    For full details on the ACA Fitness combine including audio and video resources click here.

    • Testing Protocol can be downloaded here
    • Registration and Results Reporting Protocol “How To Guide” can be downloaded here 

    Please review the testing protocol as AOA has moved to using the new Alpine Canada Fitness Combine. *For the 2022/23 season AOA will accept old fitness testing protocols or new ACA Fitness Combine for OCUP participants.