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Alpine Ontario encourages all its skiers to focus on fitness year-round to stay strong and injury-free during the winter months. Even skiers as young as 8 can benefit from spring and fall fitness testing to set goals and identify movement patterns. For those in the U14 and U16 OCUP program, each athlete must submit a dated (between Sept 1-Dec 31) fitness testing record to AOA by Dec 31, 2023, to

Athletes who do not do this cannot participate in OCUP races, including the OCUP Finals.

This testing can be done with your Division, Ski Club, Gym and/or school. Please ask your coach where your team will be doing the testing.

For full details on the ACA Fitness combine including audio and video resources click here.

  • Testing Protocol can be downloaded here
  • Registration and Results Reporting Protocol “How To Guide” can be downloaded here 

Please review the testing protocol as AOA has moved to using the new Alpine Canada Fitness Combine.